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Previous Updates:
Superior Investment Returns...Courtesy of the Yield Curve:  Building upon previous work, we explore the use of the yield curve as part of a market timing tool to increase risk-adjusted returns (June 2018)
Market Correction Lifts 10 Year Outlook:  We review our latest ten-year forecast, and take a deep dive into the methodology behind it (April 2018)
Latest Ten-Year S+P Projection - Most Likely ScenarioWe share our latest forecast, and review the impact of a recent methodological enhancement (March 2018)
A Trading Plan - and a Mental Hack - for a Manic Market:  We explore a decision rule that has historically delivered superior risk-adjusted returns relative to a “Buy and Hold” strategy; we also look at an approach to portfolio valuation that compensates for loss aversion – a human bias that undermines investment performance (February 2018)
Introducing Stock Market Sanity's Equity Valuation Model:  We unveil the Stock Market Sanity Equity Valuation Model, and describe its construction (January 2018) Prequel: How came to be; our mission statement, philosophy and operating principles (January 2018)